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Senior Driver Self-Assessment Program

This one-on-one session includes a road test in the senior drive's own vehicle and cognitive exercises

Community Speaking and Collaborations

Educational presentations for the older driver, their families, and healthcare professionals

Award-Winning Team

Beyond Driving with Dignity - Professionals of the Year 2017


PRO31 SAFE SENIOR DRIVER is operated by PT/OT team 

Leslie Roy, PT, and Jill Couch, OT, in Fort Collins, Colorado.  


"You helped our Mom keep her independence and get ready to move to the passenger seat when it was time"
"Your model is so compassionate"

"Now I see why I shouldn't be driving anymore"

P.D. at the completion of the ESAP program
"Well this process was almost fun"

Client who completed the ESAP program

Beyond Driving with Dignity...THE WORKBOOK

This workbook can be invaluable for families who would like to use the workbook as a tool to help work through this issue on their own